Friday, December 30, 2011

The Children's Art Group: Cut and Paste

After constantly wishing there was an alternative to the expensive art classes and camps, I decided to start a local Children's Art Group, now with 30 members! We have some awesome little artists, enthusiastic parents, and we are having a BLAST focusing on process art and projects.

For this meetup, I wanted there to be a ton of different kinds of paper and scrap material, and ways to manipulate, cut, and paste it. SO, I had parents bring one or more of the following items:
child scissors, binding agent, and paper or scrap materials.

I gave parents a list of suggested materials:

Suggestions for Papers or Scraps
Greeting cards, wrapping paper, magazines, file folders, envelopes, newspaper, tissue paper, crepe paper, paper towels, junk mail, cardboard, photos, brocures, catalogs, printer scraps, cupcake wrappers, bubble wrap, etc.
It's always nice to have pre-cut pictures from magazines/catalogs, etc. in case some children get frustrated with the scissors or we have younger children who don't know how to use them.

Suggestions for Binding Agents
glue, glue stick, stapler, masking tape, duct tape, labels, stickers, contact paper, hole punch, ribbon, yarn, brads, etc. 

I taped a long piece of brown packing paper to the floor and separated the materials into 3 bins... paper scraps, binding agents and paper manipulatives, and extras.

L loved cutting straws

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