Thursday, January 24, 2013

Monster Punching Bag: Encouraging Gross Motor Skills and Large Movement

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After being stuck indoors with colds for a few weeks, it was clear that my boys needed some Gross Motor Activities to encourage LARGE movement! I fashioned this "punching bag" by filling a large trash bag with some wadded up newspaper and other smaller plastic grocery bags. I hung it from the ceiling in the hallway with some yarn and duct tape. Later, for added play, I quickly drew a monster face with a Sharpie (King Size Permanent Marker, 12 Black Markers (Google Affiliate Ad). When I made this I had NO idea just how much fun my boys would have with this. It was kind of crazy how simple it was but how much play this thing got! 

He loved swinging it and then kicking or punching it when it came back to him. 
We also took turns punching or kicking it back and forth to one another. 
And he also would swing it and then run under it at it's highest point before it came back down.

There was LOTS of running and jumping to punch or kick the bag as high as it would go!
He would often start running from the other end of the house lol.


and of course, lots of kicking...

and karate punches! (Hiya!)

and it even encouraged my late walker to get up on his feet! Big YAY!

This thing hung in the hallway for days and saw lots of action from everyone! It was hard for anyone to walk by it and NOT kick it! It even got a few HIYA'S from my 14 year old stepson! 
It turned out to be the perfect Gross Motor Activity that mostly L (4 1/2 yrs) was needing after being cooped up inside for so long!

Oh, an added completely wore L out! He didn't resist nap time at ALL and slept for hours! 

Click the picture below for another totally fun and easy 
Gross Motor Activity for Indoor Play!

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  1. OH what fun! I may have to recreate this one!

  2. How fun! Was it difficult to hang?

  3. Oh no not at all! I tied some yarn to the bag and taped it to the overhang of the hallway with some duct tape which (to my husbands huge relief) did not strip the paint on the walls lol

  4. So simple and yet so freakin' awesome! Thank you for sharing this. This is a MUST do! My son is the same age as L.

    ~ Jill

  5. Umm, I am making one of these TODAY! My kids are in great need of gross motor and the weather here is just awful. This monster punching bag will be perfect.

  6. Thanks for the idea! My kids are playing with theirs right now and haven't had so much fun for a long time!

  7. I just did this for Aarya! Oh My! is he having fun or what?! I will be posting on my blog about this... I can't stop laughing :) Thank you so very much :)

  8. Thank you for this idea! I made one for my 2.5 year old son on Friday. He loved it! He insisted on putting on his boxing gloves (mittens) before playing. Ha! It was a fun release for him and a relief to have something that he can hit. We're always reminding him to be gentle. It was great fun in this cold and snowy Kentucky weather.


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