Friday, December 14, 2012

Tape Resist Snowflakes

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For this activity I wanted to try something a bit different so I made some 
Corn Syrup Paint which dries glossy, shiny, and a bit "wet" looking.
I just simply mixed half corn syrup half washable paint.

I set up L's space with the paint, paper, some pre-torn masking tape in different lengths, and a paint brush.
I left the masking tape roll for him to tear some himself, but just in case he had too much trouble doing so, I wanted to have some pretorn tape to make it easier.  

After making the snowflakes, he painted over the whole thing..tape and all

I even made B a snowflake so he could finger paint a snowflake too :)

Then you peel each tape layer carefully

to reveal your snowflake!
I hung them up in the window so the sun would shine through.
This was B's snowflake

and this was L's Tape Resist Snowflakes
Age 4

and when we do an art activity I always make one with the boys as well.
Sooo, these are my snowflakes :)

If you like our Tape Resist Snowflakes,
 here's a few other fun ideas for using tape! 
(click the picture titles)

Colored Tape Collage

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