Friday, May 10, 2013

Peter Rabbit Small World Sensory Bin

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Lawson loves "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" and we have the version illustrated by Lisa McCue. 

Because this books a favorite around here, I've been collecting items here and there to create a small world sensory bin where L would be able to re-create the story, and then expand on it with his own imagination as well. I tried to fit as many elements of the story into the bin as I could and just work with what I had at home already and a few things such as the watering can and the Peter Rabbit bowl are things I found at Goodwill over the last few weeks. 

-green split peas and mixed dry beans for the filler

-some of our fake fruits and veggies for farmer McGregor's garden

-craft foam cut into a semi circle for the pond, 
complete with the cat (a mini toy tiger) that Peter's cousin told him not to talk to. 

-watering can (which peter hides in in the story)

-miniature fence

-a small cardboard house with removable roof to serve as the farmers house

-"fir trees" made of a cut in half paper towel rolled with some hot glued felt leaves, where Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton Tail, and Peter's Mother live. These trees were originally made for our Apple Picking Sensory Bin, which you can see HERE.

Some of the items I threw in that bowl you see above were a chamomile tea bag (because Peter's mother gives him chamomile tea at the end of the story), a simple coat and shoes for Peter (that he loses in the story), and an extra bunny... just because lol. 

I read the story slowly several times whiles L acted out the scenes as we went along. 
I'd stop for him to elaborate on things if I could see he was really into it. 

L LOVED acting out the story while I read, but later played with it on his own and 
Peter Rabbit had even more adventures in the garden. 

The reason why I used beans as a filler for this small world bin,
was so that my youngest (21 months) could play with it afterwards as a sensory bin.  

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  1. You are such a wonderful mother! You make me a better mom too because I could never come up with this stuff on my own and seeing you do it motivates me to do it. Thank you so much for investing time and energy into your blog!

    1. Thank you SO much for your kind words Meg. It's people like you who are following along that make blogging such a rewarding experience. :)

  2. Thank you for this wonderful entry ( and blog ). You are inspiration to so many Moms out there!!!


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